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The Harts, 1989
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Thanksgiving 2000
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Scituate, 2004

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"I'm Proud to be his son!"

I only hope to come close
To everything my Father was.
It just isn't that easy,
You see, well, it's because...

He fought to keep our freedom
He didn't talk about it much
He felt it was his duty
There was no one it did not touch

He met my Mother after the war
To start a life as one
He didn't know way back then
I'd be proud to be his son

We grew up in such different times
Today it's not the same.
He was happy with the simple life
Not chasing fortune or fame

He's been my inspiration
Along with my dear mother
They gave me my life
Two sisters and a brother

Today as I go through this life
And Thank God for all he's done
I keep coming back to just one thing
I'm proud to be his son!