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Shortly after Edward's mother passed away he was drafted into the US Army. The date was February 27th, 1943. Edward was a 19 year old, 147lb. Stock clerk. He first went to Camp White, Oregon for basic training and maneuvering. He was then shipped off to Fort Lewis, Washington. When he arrived there he was told he would soon be going to Japan to fight the war in the Pacific. Things changed, however, and he was sent to Fort Pierce, Florida. At Fort Pierce, he received amphibious and demolition training. He received the news that he would be taking part in the invasion of Europe.

Then as a member of the 299th Combat Engineers Battalion, on April 6th, 1944, Edward was shipped to England. The boat ride was 2 weeks. Later that year was the Battle of the Bulge. In the Battle of the Bulge, Ed and his platoon had to keep the Germans from using the Road and bridges by blowing them up as the enemy crossed. For most of the war Ed stayed at the Rhine River and guarded the pontoon bridges that were built for tanks to cross.

Ed came back to America on December 8th, 1945. He landed in Boston, Massachusetts. He served 2 years, 9 months and 4 days. He received the European-African-Middle Eastern Service Medal with a Bronze Arrowhead, an American Service Medal, a World War II Victory Medal, a Good Conduct Medal, and a Presidential Citation with a medal.