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  1. Sister Yolanda (Emma) and Sister Lucretia (Ella) (Mom's father's sisters) were Franciscan Nun's

  2. Sister Yolanda always used to say she looked forward to going to heaven!

  3. Sister Lacretia said Eddie would be Bishop of Buffalo

  4. James Hellems (Gert's dad) was a fireman and an engineer. He was in the Navy during the Spanish American War.

  5. Gert's first job was at the Webber mustard plant. Next she went to United Utilities where she sold pots and pans.

  6. Edward Hart, born in Wellsville, lived in Friendship for the 1st 3 years of his life. He then moved to 43 Ladner Street, then South Park and Richfield(above the A & P). Next Allegheny Street.

  7. Ed was working at Hannah Furnace with Joe Feyes when he met Gert

  8. Ed Hart was once a baker.

  9. Ed Hart worked at Trico most of his life. Started out as a machine operator, then moved to the standards department, then foreman and General Foreman.

  10. Clarence Pappas introduced Ed and Gert.

  11. Edward J. Hart was a blacksmith and had 2 girls.

  12. William J. Hart was a farmer in Friendship. The farm may have been Andrew and Mary's

  13. Stephen Hart (Ed's father) was a machine repair man for Chevrolet and Bell Aircraft. He lost his fingers in a sawmill at 17 years old. Rumor has it he made some good tonic!

  14. Catherine Doran was a schoolteacher in Friendship

  15. Bridget Gavin lived with Daughter Rose. She made molasses cookies for Ed.

  16. Frank Doran was Mayor of Poughkeepsie

  17. Raymond Doran had a dairy farm. He delivered milk in Friendship. Ed and Gert used to go visit. Gert would cook and wash dishes for the thrashers. His farm was on Black Creek road.

  18. Thomas J. Healey was born in County Cork, Ireland.

  19. James Hellems (d. 1892) died in a scalding accident at Standard Radiator Works on July 8th, 1892.

  20. Mom and her mother received $36.00 per month when her father died because of his service in the war.

  21. Ed and Gert's witnesses for the wedding: Bill Potter and Madonna Kane

  22. When Ed and Gert were married Ed's parents were living at 2370 S. Park Avenue and Mom's parents were living at 448 #5 Perry Street.

  23. Dad was baptized on December 23rd, 1923. Mom on July 24th, 1927.

  24. Legend has it that a street named Hellems in Welland, Ontario, Canada is tied to James Hellems (birthplace of James Hellems).